October 07, 2015

Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate? Formaldehyde Releaser??

in HAIR by CurlyTea
I was looking at a few new water/aloe based sprays to try in the last few days. I came across one I won't name because I haven't bought it, let alone used it to know what it does and doesn't do. However, you KNOW the first thing I did was look at the…

In the Works

Honey + Organic Palm butter


Honey/Blackseed cream #2


Quinoa face cream


Shea-based styler


August 26, 2014

Hey, Why Was I Running From…

in HAIR by CurlyTea
Over the course of my 13 year natural hair journey, I have chosen to stay away…


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August 14, 2015

Part 3 - Ingredients Haul: MakingCosmetics.com

in HAIR by CurlyTea
In parts 1 and 2 [Read Part 1 | Read Part 2] of this ingredients haul, I told you about new ingredients (for me) like HairFix XH Maltodextrin, ICE Conditioner, Behentrimonium Chloride and Sorbitol. I'll introduce you to a couple more new ingredients which…
July 26, 2015

Part 2 - Ingredients Haul: MakingCosmetics.com

in HAIR by CurlyTea
In Part 1 of this ingredients haul, I told you about HairFix XH Maltodextrin and ICE Conditioner. I'll introduce you to three more new ingredients which will hopefully make it into the final versions of my DIY recipes I post here.
July 20, 2015

Part 1 - Ingredients Haul: MakingCosmetics.com

in HAIR by CurlyTea
I don't usually post about every ingredient haul I make, but I'm excited about this one because I've never tried to personally formate with these ingredients before now. So let's get right to it! 1. HairFix XH Maltodextrin INCI: Maltodextrin / VP copolymer…
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July 07, 2015

Taking Pride in Advertising Products for free?

in Reviews and Giveaways by CurlyTea
Why do some people who do product reviews take pride in NOT getting any compensation for their time and work towards essentially advertising a product for free?
June 03, 2015

Favorite Drugstore Products

in HAIR by CurlyTea
This curlytea podshort covers my favorite drugstore products for those who haven't quite come up with a great DIY recipe they love just yet. Yes I do have a few recommendations so check out my current favs list. :D
May 07, 2015

3 Ingredients To Improve Your Oil Mixes [PODCAST]

in HAIR by CurlyTea
There are 3 ingredients I have been adding to my most recent hair oil mixes which has upped its usability. These ingredients are little extras which help to improve the feel and decrease the time it takes for the oil to absorb.
Apr 26, 2015 439

Podshort: When Companies Change the Formula of a Great Product

Do you hate it when you find a great product and some "genius" in the company has the…
Apr 20, 2015 565

DIY vs Commercial Products: Can You Enjoy Both? [PODCAST]

Does being into DIY mean you can't enjoy store-bought products? Of course not! I was…
Mar 16, 2015 688

Is Fake Natural Hair a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

The topic of fake natural hair can be quite controversial. I am of two minds on the issue…
Mar 02, 2015 823

Is there Over-Policing of Black Women's Hair Within the Community? [Podcast]

Aside from originating out of imperialistic attitudes around the world, the over-policing…
Feb 18, 2015 830

Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

WHAT: Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel SHORT AND SWEET: Although it's called a…
Feb 02, 2015 916

Review: Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner

WHAT? Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner SHORT AND SWEET It just sat on my…
Jan 18, 2015 929

Review: Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo

WHAT? Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo SHORT AND SWEET Ouidad Climate Control…
Dec 29, 2014 1753

What Exactly is Real Shea Butter?

Wow. This is a tough question! Everybody feels like they know what real shea butter is…
Dec 15, 2014 1847

A Few Important Ratios for DIY mixes

There are a few important ratios I've come to rely on particularly in the past few months…
Dec 11, 2014 847

Review: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Conditioner

WHAT? Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Conditioner INGREDIENTS Water, Stearyl…
Nov 02, 2014 853

Review: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Shampoo

WHAT? Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Moisture Lock Shampoo INGREDIENTS: Water, Sodium Laureth…
Oct 27, 2014 1146

What is: One-mason jar method

Sometimes I get questions about the terminology I use to describe the process of what I'm…
Oct 15, 2014 2504

How is a Cowash Different from a Regular Conditioner?

What exactly is the difference between a regular conditioner and a product marketed as a…
Sep 25, 2014 1205


Sep 04, 2014 1709

Dupe: Is there A Good Way To Figure Out the Percentages of your Fav Product?

Recently, an email question came in asking about the creation of a diy mix similar to a…


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