Great tips for growing long healthy hair

March 24, 2012 curlytea 0

Great tips from naptural85 about growing long and healthy hair

{youtube}l7ouKM2v6Uc{/youtube} Naptural85 Youtube Channel

One of Naptural85’s tips is to moisturize. In addition, I would suggest you use ingredients or products you can trust. If your hair does best with Extra virgin Olive Oil, don’t go broke trying to buy Jojoba oil or Cupuacu Butter which may or may not satisfy your needs.

hibiscus tea

Free Recipe: Hibiscus Superslip Detangler Formula #1

March 18, 2012 curlytea 0

hibiscus tea

I made a hibiscus/castile shampoo yesterday and I had some hibiscus infusion (tea) left over. With it, I decided to create a detangler using the hibisucs as a base.

Hibiscus is an astringent tea which I normally use as part of a spritzer (along with glycerin) to retwist my hair between washings.

Like I said in an earlier post, I love the dark red color of hibiscus. It makes a great natural colorant for lotions, creams and conditioners. It also helps to make the hair naturally shiny.

Anyway, here is a super simple recipe I used. Feel free to tweak it, add what you want or substitute your fav tea:


Lustrasilk Curl Max Curl Activator Moisturizer is…

March 11, 2012 curlytea 0

I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I create something that works well on my hair without all the parabens, mineral oil and other crap.  So, I almost hate it when a commercial product works incredibly well on my natural hair.

Right now, I am so hatin’ on Lustrasilk Curl Max  Curl Activator Moisturizer

One place to Buy it: Walgreens

My curls have taken a liking to this stuff just from a couple of test applications.  I’m talking about the one with the super soft, brownish gel like consistency, not the “Extra Light” white creamy one.

parsley -

Parsley tea rinse/spritzer to help with shedding? Wha…?

March 4, 2012 curlytea 0

This is a surprise to me, but I was experimenting a few days ago with dried Parsley. After making a tea, the first thing I noticed when running my hands through my hair the next day is that I didn’t get nearly the same amount of natural “shedding” I usually get when I skip over my wash day.


What’s in your….bottle?

February 23, 2012 curlytea 0

Products, more specifically their ingredients, are paramount in deciding whether you will experiment with them, continue to use them, or toss them in the trash.


Gimmie structure…XL

February 20, 2012 curlytea 0

Structure XL (aka UltraMaize) is very, very, VEEERRYY nice to have around, I tell you.  A lot of what I’m writing will be duplicated in the ‘Ingredients’ section for this product.   

When checking for ingredients, I ran across the description for this product at wholesalesuppliesplus.  I hadn’t heard of it until then.  

In some circles, Structure XL  has a bad wrap for being a “filler” product.  However, it is used to improve the body and enhance the viscosity of an emulsion.   


Safflower, Darling

February 10, 2012 curlytea 0

Unrefined Safflower has a 2 year shelf life, according to Its also high in oleic acid and contains linoleic acid


Hibiscus! Hibiscus!

January 29, 2012 curlytea 0


I’ve wanted to try hibiscus for a very long time.  I’ve been too busy trying other things and finally got around to ordering some from camden grey.

From my understanding, hibiscus is super acidic and astringent.  I used it as a spray on my hair, when retwisting, along with my newer brazil nut whip.


From Relaxed to Natural (Part 1)

January 21, 2012 curlytea 0

Part 1: What you whine for is what you get

Going from relaxed to natural for me was probably inevitable given my personality.  I say that because I didn’t initially go natural to make any statements or celebrate my ‘blackness’.  I initially went natural because I got darn tired of the process of ‘getting my head did’.