November 28, 2022


product formulation&recipe consultation, ingredient testing, how-to videos, instructions and other info that empowers you to create your own hair care and skincare products!

In The Works**

Niacinamide Moist Serum (face) 11%
Hibiscus Herbal Hair Gel 16%
Hibiscus Hair Serum 10%
Chamomile Mango Butter (body) 22%
Niacinamide cream with pepha tight 11%
Centella AHA Azelaic Cream Serum (skin) 13%
Curry Leaf Hair Milk 34%
Centella Shea Face Cream (skin) 8%
cleansing balm (skin) 5%
Aloe AllOver Lotion (skin) 42%
Highlighter Haul (stationery) 49%