Blue Pistachio Mafura Cream -
Blue Pistachio Mafura Cream Let’s make a butterfly pea flower based moisturizing cream with mafura butter […]
Almond Honey Define Cream -
Almond Honey Define Cream Fenugreek seed and Foti root will serve as the base for this […]
Green Tea Restore Cream -
Green Tea Restore Cream Let’s make a creamy, soft, conditioning cream with green tea extract, hemp […]
Amla Curl Cream -
Amla Curl Cream Let’s make a curl cream using two great ayurvedic oils (Amla and Bhringraj) […]
Niacinamide Centella Cream A couple of your fellow subbies asked if I’d ever made a niacinamide […]
Lemony Lemongrass Lotion -
Lemony Lemongrass Lotion Today let’s make a lemongrass lotion with lemon balm and sunflower oil which, […]
Lemon Mint Shampoo -
Lemon Mint Shampoo Today we’re making a lemongrass and lemon balm shampoo with a pop of […]
Lemon Sugar Recover Conditioner -
Lemon Sugar Recover Conditioner Cream Today let’s make a super softening conditioner with two great extracts […]
Marshmallow Mint Lite Leave-In -
Marshmallow Mint Lite Leave-In Conditioner Those looking for a light leave-in cream, try this Marshmallow Mint […]
Hibiscus Herbal Hair Gel – Let’s make a hibiscus hair gel with chickweed and bamboo extracts […]
Hyaluronic Hair Mask with Hemp Seed -
Hyaluronic hair mask made with hemp seed and castor oils? A hair mask with the viscosity […]
Murumuru Mint Amla Leave-in Conditioner -
Murumuru Mint Amla Leave-In Conditioner Wait a minute! This is actually good! lol! My hair is […]
Bamboo Tea Tree Leave-in -
Bamboo Tea Tree Leave-in is creamy, softening and feels good on my curls! As the hair […]
Almond Mint Leave In -
Almond Mint Leave-In Conditioner w/ Peppermint and Chickweed The softness! What is it with this ICE […]
Aloe MSM Gel Styler -
Aloe MSM Gel Styler is a very nice gel to help style curly, coily hair! It’s […]
Avocado Pumpkin Softening Hair Butter -
AvoPumpkin Softening Hair Butter – Hey curly teas! Today we’re making a softening, emulsified hair butter […]
Easy AF Body Wash -
Easy AF Body Wash formula
Pumpkin Seed Curry Leaf Cream -
Pumpkin Seed and Curry Leaf Cream PREVIEW
Fenugreek Herbal Bamboo Gel -
Fenugreek Herbal Bamboo Gel makes approx 200 grams (fits 8 oz jar)
Amla and Black seed HP Cream - curlytea
Amla and Black seed Cream (HP) makes approx 100 grams (fits 4oz jar) PREVIEW
Cup of Tea
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Type 2 Collagen is the form used to improve the joints. Types 1 and 3 collagen are used to aid and improve hair and skin. Types 1 and 3 are recommended to be taken separately, according to online sources.

If using 'bovine' collagen, be careful about it's source!
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