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light bulb - curlytea.comThe ‘You Try It’ section is for recipes I’ve written, but haven’t made videos for. Why should you have to wait for me to shoot, edit, test the product and post a video every single time?  If you see something which looks interesting, GO FOR IT! If you want, you can post your results using the comments section below! Don’t be shy.  Share your experiences with the Curlytea community! Try these recipes out yourself and see if you like the results.

Sweet Coconut Cream

sweet coconut cream -

Sweet Coconut Cream – makes approx 230g (fits 8oz container) PHASE A 140 grams Aloe Vera Juice (61%) 4 grams Panthenol (2%) 7 grams Honey (raw or regular) (3%) PHASE B 11 grams Sweet Almond Oil (5%) 28 grams Coconut…Read...

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