Favorite Drugstore Products

June 3, 2015 curlytea 0

This curlytea podshort covers my favorite drugstore products for those who haven't quite come up with a great DIY recipe they love just yet.  Yes I do have a few recommendations so check out my current favs list. 😀

3 ingredients to improve diy recipes - curlytea.com

3 Ingredients To Improve Your Oil Mixes [PODCAST]

May 8, 2015 curlytea 0

There are 3 ingredients I have been adding to my most recent hair oil mixes which have improved their feel and usability.  These ingredients are little extras which help to improve the feel and decrease the time it takes for the oil to absorb.

Podshort: When Companies Change the Formula of a Great Product

April 26, 2015 curlytea 0

Do you hate it when you find a great product and some "genius" in the company has the brilliant idea to change the formula? Companies can be shooting themselves in the foot because people like the product as-is.  Also, it can make older positive reviews of that product obsolete.