erasable highlighters
Stationery alert! For those looking for non-friction erasable highlighters that don’t necessarily look like a kid’s […]
Study Notebook -
Study Notebook (version 1) is here! This Study Notebook allows you to take notes, save important […]
2019 calendar pages
2019 Calendar Pages! This version is the clean/plain 2019 Calendar pages from January – December 2019 […]
Trying to add some color to my pitiful #pigpen doodle for Inktober2017.😂. Aww, this is kinda […]
ice blue -
This is another beautiful color, this time from Darice’s Studio 71 marker pack 😚. Like so […]
Finecolour brush markers -
Expanded post from MY INSTAGRAM: Zomg, Finecolour BRUSH markers! Holy crap! These #markers are so much […]
studio 71 markers -
FROM MY INSTAGRAM: New Studio 71 markers arrived! I like these too! The nibs aren’t as […]
Winsor and Newton Brushmarkers come in 72 colors and they have no trouble blending with each […] sketchbook
Forgot to post a pic of the finished DIY sketchbook!
shinhan touch -
Oh. My. Gah! Major Copic competition in the form of Shinhan Touch markers 😮. (ATTENTION: These […]
color combo chart
FROM INSTAGRAM: Working on color combination swatches with #copic and #winsorandnewton #markers. 😊 I’m loving the […]
card stock
I've recently learned the "lb" number printed on the front of a pack of card stock should be ignored and that the g/m2 (gsm) number is what should get your attention when selecting good card stock. Let me explain. - winsor and newton brushmarkers
FROM INSTAGRAM: @jerrysartarama has the Winsor & Newton #Brushmarkers for $3.49. Some of the colors have […]
winsor and newton brushmarkers -
From INSTAGRAM: New Winsor & Newton #Brushmarkers! Eeee! 😁 So happy! Each brushmarker I purchased from […]
Stationery: Storing Hard Copy Versions of DIY Recipes
Do you guys know why I'm so focused on pens and other stationery in addition to DIY recipes recently? I create a lot of DIY haircare and skincare recipes to test and for inclusion at the recipe vault.
marvy le pen -
To my planner and journaling people, I've been using some great pens recently! Like some of you, I too have specific qualities I look for when using pens to study, journal and plan. The weight of the pen doesn't have to be substantial but it shouldn't feel super cheap and overly 'plasticky' (you know what I mean).
Cup of Tea
BTW, curlytea is now on MINDS too!
Cationic polymers are ingredients like guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (aka GuarCat) and cassia hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (aka ClearHance C).
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