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[Solved] Which is better: BTMS 25 or BTMS 50?  



I want to know which one is better? I have BTMS 25 but I see BTMS 50 in a lot of recipes here. Is there an really big difference? BTMS 50 is more expensive for me.


Both BTMS-25 and BTMS-50 are great conditioning emulsifiers. BTMS-50 has more of the conditioning agent in it than BTMS-25. BTMS-50 is my preferred emulsifier because, to my feel, it's more conditioning on my hair. I can feel a difference.

If you see no difference, then you can use what's less expensive for you. BTMS works so well even if you add all of your ingredients in one pot and heat everything.

It doesn't have to be babysat, it's not finicky, you can use it with aloe vera juice without it separating, etc.

Whether you use BTMS-25 or BTMS-50, either one is a great conditioner base for haircare.


Thank u! 


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