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Any ideas for defining my frizzy curls with a DIY curl gel or other ingredients?  


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19/01/2019 1:54 pm  

Any ideas for defining my frizzy curls with a DIY curl gel or other ingredients?

My curls are described as 3c/4a, low porosity, fine strands, protein sensitive, easily coated/weighed down (the less oil the better or none), and frizz prone. I also have a ton of allergies and so have to make my own products. Recently, I started making a pretty good detangler out of BTMS and Cetearyl alcohol. I was trying to make a product similar to Kinky Curly Knot Today. While this product helps me detangle my curls (I also leave some in my hair after), I still struggle with my curls becoming dry and frizzy especially as it dries. In the past I used flaxseed gel which really made my hair look great but unfortunately, I am allergic to it (asthma and congestion). I’ve also tried other DIY hair gels that didn’t work so well: okra gel (made hair frizz and shrink), gelatin gel (protein makes her get coated, dry then break), chia seed gel (flakes/coats hair and is really hard to get mucilage out), and xanthum gel (asthma and congestion).

In the past, Aloe Vera juice made my hair frizzy and I heard it’s not the best for low porosity curls.. but maybe I should try Aloe Vera gel. Any suggestions?

Any ideas of other DIY hair gels to try or maybe ingredients I can put in my detangling product to define my curls?

Thank you!

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19/01/2019 4:33 pm  

Well, if you don't have a problem with making a gel that's not 100% natural, you can check out the "Marshmallow Root Curling Gel" here:

Modify it to fit around your allergy. The key non-natural ingredients are the ones that make the gel (starts with an 'Sep') and the one that starts with an 'Ha') [LOL! I have to protect at least a bit of the info for the ppl who are Subscribers]


But yeah, those two ingredients + whatever combo of ingredients you can stand. Those two ingredients work with just about any combination of ingredients you want.


I also have to say this: anything organic can cause an allergy. For the other people reading this thread, some of you may be under the impression that chemicals are the only things that cause reactions. In fact, almost anything natural can cause a reaction in your body. So making "natural" products may also set off a reaction. For me, it's Passion Flower (maracuja). Anything with that extract causes a reaction and I found out the hard way.  -_-


We've been taught to run away from synthetic things like mineral oil and '-cones'. Because I've been making my own stuff for at least 10 years I've found that -- for people with a lot of allergies -- those things can actually be more help than harm. They can provide a barrier for dryness and can lock in moisture but because they don't contain any organic material it won't cause an allergic reaction.


I'm just saying that because there are a few people who, like you, have tried sooo many things that nothing works well because of allergies or because it's not easy to store/use.


Low-porosity hair is tricky for me because I don't have anyone here locally I can test recipes on. Everybody is HIGH porosity like me. But because your goal is to get the cuticles open so they can absorb the good stuff, things which are low pH, like Aloe vera, may not be best for your hair type. You may want to stick to water-based recipes.


Basically what you want from a gel is to add definition, right? So start with a super basic gel like this:

84% water

2% humectant (any one you choose)

  • humectants are things like Honey, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Sorbitol, Beet Sugar EXTRACT, etc.


4% Hai... (the ingredient in the Marshmallow gel recipe which adds hold) (Don't get mad yall. This is the free forum so I gotta be discrete)

  • This is the ingredient which adds "hold" to gel. It's not the viscosity of a product that adds "hold". It's these types of ingredients which add "hold".


5% Naturesilk  (EVERYBODY knows about this one already)

  • Naturesilk is 1,3 propanediol; a propylene glycol replacement
  • It adds smoothness to the feel of the product when you're applying it
  • skip this if you don't have it and replace the percentage with water


2% Any Super-light oil or oil substitute

  • Camellia oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil are said to be "light" oils
  • You can also use Caprylic Capric Triglycerides and get rid of oil altogether
  • Some lower grade cosmetic forms of oil because some of them tend not to weigh down hair
  • Any oil that soaks in quickly when you rub it into your skin counts as a super light oil


1% preservative


2% Sep... (that ingredient you can see if you're a member) (I know. Don't get mad yall!!)

  • Make sure to add this ingredient LAST and let the mix sit undisturbed for 8 hours


I am assuming that you aren't allergic to any of these other ingredients though.  It's difficult for people with allergies. But I want to make sure everybody understands that anything natural (all our favorite herbs and teas, etc) can also cause an allergic reaction no matter how "organic" or pure.

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03/02/2019 12:24 pm  

Awesome, thank you!!


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