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Any ideas for defin...

Any ideas for defining my frizzy curls with a DIY curl gel or other ingredients?  


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19/01/2019 1:54 pm  

Any ideas for defining my frizzy curls with a DIY curl gel or other ingredients?

My curls are described as 3c/4a, low porosity, fine strands, protein sensitive, easily coated/weighed down (the less oil the better or none), and frizz prone. I also have a ton of allergies and so have to make my own products. Recently, I started making a pretty good detangler out of BTMS and Cetearyl alcohol. I was trying to make a product similar to Kinky Curly Knot Today. While this product helps me detangle my curls (I also leave some in my hair after), I still struggle with my curls becoming dry and frizzy especially as it dries. In the past I used flaxseed gel which really made my hair look great but unfortunately, I am allergic to it (asthma and congestion). I’ve also tried other DIY hair gels that didn’t work so well: okra gel (made hair frizz and shrink), gelatin gel (protein makes her get coated, dry then break), chia seed gel (flakes/coats hair and is really hard to get mucilage out), and xanthum gel (asthma and congestion).

In the past, Aloe Vera juice made my hair frizzy and I heard it’s not the best for low porosity curls.. but maybe I should try Aloe Vera gel. Any suggestions?

Any ideas of other DIY hair gels to try or maybe ingredients I can put in my detangling product to define my curls?

Thank you!

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