Your Fave Product May Have Become Mediocre to Attract A “More Diverse” Audience

April 25, 2017 curlytea 0

Many natural hair beauties have noticed a problem concerning the quality and effectiveness of haircare products from brands they used to adore. Let’s start with the truth: Many people who didn’t give a damn about black curly hair 10-15 years ago have either released their “me too” product line or are buying up popular (previously) black-owned companies to tap into those dollars.

Storing Hard Copy Versions of DIY Recipes

March 29, 2017 curlytea 0

Do you guys know why I’m so focused on pens and other stationery in addition to DIY recipes recently? I create a lot of DIY haircare and skincare recipes to test and for inclusion at the recipe vault.

Review: Le Pen Technical Drawing Pens

March 28, 2017 curlytea 0

To my planner and journaling people, I’ve been using some great pens recently! Like some of you, I too have specific qualities I look for when using pens to study, journal and plan. The weight of the pen doesn’t have to be substantial but it shouldn’t feel super cheap and overly ‘plasticky’ (you know what I mean).


October 16, 2016 curlytea 0

MSM is one of those powerhouse additives added to hair and skincare products because it serves a special purpose. That purpose is to improve the […]