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Hey curlyteas! Below, you can purchase these great recipes and formulas to use commercially! If you’re thinking about purchasing, it’s best to act quickly. Some of the most popular recipes have already been snatched up!

By making a payment, you acknowledge that you understand the nature of the services you are buying. does not sell physical products. We sell intellectual property (IP) which is the intangible recipe data, not a physical product. You also acknowledge you are purchasing the recipes and/or formulas ‘AS IS’. You still need to do your own stability testing, antimicrobial testing, etc. Please read the Terms of Service page for further information.

    • #You will own the recipe.
    • #It will be removed from so no other members can view it.
    • #You can make your own commercial products from the recipe and sell it without legal problems from
    • #Other information and exceptions will be in the documentation sent to you.


Once payment transaction is complete, you will receive digital documentation (pdf file) which will serve as confirmation that you own the recipe. The document will include your name or the name of the entity under which you purchased the recipe data.

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