2 thoughts on “Creammaker ANIO

  1. I was thinking about using 0.5% of btms then the cream maker anio to see if I will end up having a more sprayable product.
    What is your thought on that?

    1. If you want a more sprayable stable product, you should probably use something like Motonov L instead of BTMS. From my testing, it doesn’t thicken the viscosity all that much and you can make low viscosity emulsions with it. The problem with MOntanov L is that it’s not a conditioner where BTMS is. IF you want to have a conditioniong effect along with low viscosity, you can try using Montanov L with 0.25% centrimonium chloride or 0.5% polyquaternium 7.

      Also for a liquid viscosity emulsion, you can try using the finicky Sepiplus 400. But it’s a little tricky. You add a small amount of sepiplus 400 to the oils and mix. Then you have to add the water SLOWLY a little at a time or else the emulsion could fail over the next few days. Sepiplus makes it possible to produce a very, very liquid emulsion (depending on the percent) but if you dump all the water into the oil at once, it could fail quickly.

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