September 25, 2022


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Oatstraw is thought to be useful for estrogen deficiency. It, allegedly like horsetail, is high in silica as well.

Online sites say that oatstraw is good for fingernails (when taken internally), adds body and shine to hair, and promotes healthy skin.

Oatstraw is thought to be high in vitamin B and is good for nerves because of its calming ability.

I use oatstraw because of its soothing, anti inflammatory nature.  Other anti inflammatory and soothing teas, like chamomile, tend to be good when adding them to other ingredients to form a concoction.

Oatstraw is sometimes used to treat skin conditions, making it a little known tea to use to help with scalp issues.

In addition, oatstraw is actually thought to be useful for treating estrogen deficiency and thyroid conditions.  Though I can’t make any direct recommendations for that. 😛

According to, there are no precautions associated with the use of Oatstraw unless you are allergic to oats.

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