Detangling Conditioner (arcamp83 @ youtube)

Detangling Conditioner (arcamp83 @ youtube)


Purified water (or distilled water)
BTMS (conditioning emulsifier)
Cetyl Alcohol (thickener)
Olive Oil
Castor oil
Sweet Almond oil
Jojoba oil


Phase A
75%    6oz water

Phase B
2.5%    2 tsp BTMS-25  (0.20oz wt)
2.5%    2 tsp Cetyl alcohol (0.20oz wt)

COOL DOWN (  20% oils)
5%   1 TBSP olive oil  (0.4oz wt)
6.25%    1 TBSP castor oil (0.5oz wt)
5%   1 TBSP Sweet almond oil  (0.4oz wt)
3.75%    1 TBSP Jojoba oil  (0.30oz wt)

Check out Arcamp83’s video:


#I DO NOT use the microwave to heat anything. I have never been able to get anything to emulsify by using my microwave. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me, but it doesn’t. Just set up your makeshift double boilers (glass bowls over 2 different pots of water) and use that method

# I use a powdered preservative (Neodefend) that isn’t too heat sensitive so I add it to the water phase before heating


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