September 25, 2022


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Simple Sunflower Serum [VIDEO]

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Simple Sunflower Serum -

Simple Sunflower Serum (makes approx 50 grams)

I recently found myself needing a simple after-shower product that wasn’t too difficult to apply but was more substantial than a regular lotion.  When I’m creating a recipe, sometimes I have to actually write down what I want first.  As I’m writing, I often think about the ingredients I have available. For this recipe, here’s what I was looking to create:

  • Easy to apply; easy spreadability without extended whiteness
  • Can fit into a squeeze/pump bottle if necessary so I wouldn’t have to stick my often-wet fingers down into a jar
  • Multipurpose in nature: can be used in the hair/scalp as well as the body
  • Not quite as runny as regular oil
  • Not a water-based product
  • No beeswax or heavy-wax base

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