October 7, 2022


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Silk Amino Acids

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INCI: Silk Amino Acids

Silk Amino acids (silk protein) are hydrolyzed from silk fibers and have the ability to penetrate the hair and the skin to help with moisturization.  This protein is a mixture of amino acids taken directly from the cocoon of the silk worm.

You'll often find it in conditioners and hair treatments as well as shampoos, moisturizers and other bath and body products.  Its used to help strengthen damaged hair as well as moisturize it by binding to keratin and protecting the hair.

{snippet adszooleft}The silk amino acid I get is in clear liquid form and already has a preservative, like all silk amino acids.

I don't use silk amino acids often because I often use hydrolyzed quinoa ("keen wah")  or coconut milk (powder) as my protein.  But its an alternative you can consider when creating your DIY mixes.

Add silk amino acids during the COOL DOWN phase after your emulsion has cooled below 100 degrees.  Its supposed to add a silky feel or, at the very least, make the emulsion feel better during application to the hair or skin.

Recommended usage rate (according to lotioncrafter.com) is: 1% to 2.5%


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