October 5, 2022


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Highlighters: D&S Erasable Highlighters

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erasable highlighters

Stationery alert! For those looking for non-friction erasable highlighters that don’t necessarily look like a kid’s marker, check these out!  I think this brand is called D&S. The “color” version at Amazon is “DS-822”.

Since recording this review, I’ve come to really the ability to NOT worry about heat taking away the color.  The orange (my fave) is by far the most pastel highlighter-like while the yellow is the traditional fluorescent highlighter color.

Where to buy:

Erasable Highlighters, Double Head Smooth Writing Highlighters, Chisel Tip Assorted Colors High Lighter Markers, 6 Count


For a regular highlighter, some of the colors are too saturated for me. If you like saturated highlighters, it’s an A+.   If you’re looking for pastel highlighters, erasable or otherwise, look elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Highlighters: D&S Erasable Highlighters

  1. wonderful! I have a headache because of my highlighter. It cannot be deleted when I highlight wrong. I will buy erasable highlighters right now. But can you recommend me more erasable highlighers? Thank you

    1. The only ones that work and have more than a few colors are the Pilot Frixion highlighters. The highlighters I reviewed have a tip on the other end that erases the color. But most of their colors are way too dark to be highlighters. The only one that works as highlighter is the yellow one. I haven’t been able to find a good quality erasable highlighter other than the Pilot Frixion highlighters.

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