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Highlighters: D&S Erasable Highlighters

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erasable highlighters

Stationery alert! For those looking for non-friction erasable highlighters that don’t necessarily look like a kid’s marker, check these out!  I think this brand is called D&S. The “color” version at Amazon is “DS-822”.

Since recording this review, I’ve come to really the ability to NOT worry about heat taking away the color.  The orange (my fave) is by far the most pastel highlighter-like while the yellow is the traditional fluorescent highlighter color.

Where to buy:

Erasable Highlighters, Double Head Smooth Writing Highlighters, Chisel Tip Assorted Colors High Lighter Markers, 6 Count


For a regular highlighter, some of the colors are too saturated for me. If you like saturated highlighters, it’s an A+.   If you’re looking for pastel highlighters, erasable or otherwise, look elsewhere.

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