October 7, 2022


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Infinity Jar Review: 500 ml Glass Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar

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Infinity Jar Review 500ml - curlytea.com

Infinity Jar Review: 500 ml Glass Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar


500 ml Glass Screw Top Wide Mouth Jar


Pretty damn outstanding for keeping almost whatever you put into it fresher, for a longer period of time.


500 ml
Black (Lightproof)
Glass (European-made)
Wide-mouth (2.5 inches in diameter)
Comes with labels and a white cleaning cloth


OMG, Infinity Jars was kind enough to send our team 3 different jars to test! In this Infinity Jar review, I’ll be focusing on the “500 ml glass screw top wide mouth jar“. So if by the end of this review you do go to InfinityJars.com and make a purchase, let them know you read about ’em at curlytea.com!

Anyway, as you guys know I personally create a lot of recipes. Curlytea.com also has products and ingredients sent in for review which we all use for tests and experiments. But I personally had to get in on this awesomeness!

I need to house many ingredients — teas, herbs, oils, etc — for use over a long period of time. Keeping those ingredients as fresh as possible has always presented a challenge.

You know how some of the best ingredients we use to create haircare products say “Store in a cool dark place”? Teas, herbs and oils (especially) benefit from being stored in a container which blocks out light and air.

Many sites actually recommend you store teas in “colored” glass or stainless steel to block out light. This info also applies to dried herbs like Hibiscus flower, Nettle leaf, Foti root, Fenugreek seeds, Matcha powder, etc.

On the liquid front, oils turn rancid quickly if they are not stored properly and can sometimes turn moldy if moisture hasn’t been sufficiently blocked out. Don’t think that your precious Virgin Olive oil (assuming it’s real olive oil *shade*) can’t turn on you.

I personally don’t like to refrigerate herbs to make them last longer because of the fear of condensation. Water + herbs = moldy mess and wasted money.  Freezing, under the right conditions, is okay and that’s what I’ve been doing for a select few herbs (and hot pepper flakes)!

Infinity Jars, to the rescue! All of their jars made from “European-made” black glass, and are airtight. This not only blocks ultraviolet light, according to the company, but also helps maintain the quality of your teas and herbs for a longer period of time. They advertise that their jars “preserve and rejuvenate freshness”.

The jars are also “smell proof”. Ok. See. I make kimchi. I do. I love it. But if it’s not in an airtight container, it will have your entire refrigerator smelling terrible as it ferments. It’d be interesting to see if these jars could lock out that scent! The Kimchi-smell test is the only one I didn’t run. I think I’d need the larger jar for that, though.

Anyway, the 500 ml Infinity Jar can hold a lot of herbs! What I did was created a mix of herbs I use regularly and stored them in the 500 ml jar to protect them from the elements.

Ayurvedic Powered Awesome Tea Mix (featured in the video)
1. Orange Peel
2. Fenugreek Seed
3. Lemon Verbena
4. Oolong tea
5. Hibiscus Flower

I’ve given these jars my 1 month test and I can’t discern any physical difference between the herbs now and when I first added them to the jar. Hopefully they’ll last longer than they normally do.

The jars arrived well-protected in bubble-wrap:

infinity jar - curlytea.com

The 500 ml jar is a “wide-mouth” jar. Yay! You guys know how I love wide-mouth jars because they provide easy access to insert and pour out what you need. Nobody really has time to find a funnel or worry about spilling precious oils while trying to move them from one jar to another. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Nothing is warped or out of alignment. There are no weird smells either, like how it is when you buy new plastic containers.

If 500 ml is too small, they also have a 1 liter (~35 fluid ounces) tall jar available.

TIP: Humectants like “Vegemoist” and powdered DL-Panthenol would GREATLY benefit from being stored in airtight containers. Panthenol pulls moisture out of the air around it and can turn into hard clumps. While this doesn’t necessarily affect its effectiveness, it can be an inconvenience to use.

But wait! There’s more! (*lol!*)

Infinity Jars doesn’t just sell containers for herbs and food. They sell a wide array of cosmetic jars for those of you who are incredibly wary of keeping your cosmetics or DIY conditioners and lotions in plastic containers.

They have:
* wide-mouth cosmetic jars (great for you diy leave-in creams!)
* various storage jars
* fine mist spray bottles
* dropper bottles
* essential oils bottles
* push pump bottles
* long neck bottles
* long neck bottles with an oil spout (great for cooking oils)
* apothecary jars
* soap dispensers
* steel roller ball applicators
* roller applicator bottles

And all of these come in a variety of sizes. They even make 15ml cosmetic jars for your lip balms and travel size salves. At least check out the website.

In addition, they have deals and a 30 day money back guarantee! If you spend $25, you get a free 15ml screw top cosmetic jar. Spend $50, you get 2 free jars: 15ml and 50 ml classic screw top jar. There’s probably some more deals over there too.

If that weren’t enough, you can also buy a variety of jars in packs of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10!

For example, the “Cosmetic DIY Variety Pack” comes with:
* 5 ml screw top jar (good for your lip balm)
* 15 ml screw top jar (good for a travel size salve)
* 250 ml screw top jar (good for DIY leave in creams)
* 100 ml pump (good for DIY lotions)
* 100 ml fine mist spray jar (good for refresher tea sprays)
* 50 ml dropper bottle (good for specialty oils like Neem and Black seed)

With this one pack, you get something to help keep many of your creations fresher, longer.

So check out their website and if you do purchase anything or shout them out on social media, PLEASE let them know you heard about ’em at curlytea.com!


1. Glass – If you have to house your ingredients/products in containers, glass is the way to go.
2. Everything else too, actually. The jars are airtight, “smellproof”, and blocks out light.

1. Price – Price is considered a con only if you haven’t factored in the amount of money you may be able to save by keeping your precious herbs, teas, powders, oils, etc for a longer period of time.
2. Glass – I know glass is listed is a “Pro”, but let me tell you, I’ve tried to be uber-careful because this is glass. I know the company says the jars have been manufactured to be durable, but I’m not taking any chances.




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