November 28, 2022


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DIY Sketchbook Complete!

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Forgot to post a pic of the finished DIY sketchbook! sketchbook

o-wire cut and used for binding

FROM MY INSTAGRAM: Forgot to post a pic of the finished DIY sketchbook!😊 I like to keep things clean on the outside until I decide how to decorate it (or if I’m even going to). Anyway, the wire binding is in and I’ve already been #LameDoodling away in it.😉 I’ve actually been lame-doodling on post-it notes and random paper b4 making this. So I used a little adhesive runner to add those things into this sketchbook. #fun

This sketchbook was cut from the Neenah Exact Index smooth paper.  It’s 7.25” w x 9” h. The chipboard, cover and back, is the same size (no lip).

I used an Xacto Guillotine paper trimmer to cut down the pages and The Cinch bindery tool to punch holes in all 43 pages.

I may do a short video showing how I put this together. 🤔😊

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