Tropical Traditions Winner #1: Jesse M



I want to send out a congratulations to Jesse M who won a FREE 32oz jar of the best coconut oil eva!  Jesse won a jar of the Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil by Tropical Traditions in our Oct 2012 giveaway!

She will be sent a brand new jar directly from the manufacturer because she won the giveaway. 

Jesse is also a member of and is following us on twitter too!

Jesse is described by her husband as a “hippie-mama” and makes it a point to lead an “eco-friendly, healthy, and sustainable” lifestyle.  Check out her blog.

I hope Jesse enjoys the coconut oil because its my new favorite brand of coconut oil, chi’le.

REVIEW Read my full review here

If you didn’t enter this giveaway, you missed out!! But there may be more giveaways in the future too, so make sure you ACTUALLY do what you need to in order to enter correctly.

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