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Mullein Leaf

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INCI: Verbascum Thapsus

Mullein leaf is known to be great for treating respiratory problems.  Mullein is high in magnesium, iron, potassium and sulfur.  Its been said to have astringent, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

{snippet adszooleft} The reason why people have been drawn to Mullein as an extract (aqueous, oil and alcohol versions) is because its one of those powerhouse herbs for lungs and respiratory care.  Hair folk are drawn to Mullein because of its slight mucilage properties and alleged ability to make hair look shiny.

TIP: If you’re using Mullein for mucilage properties, you can really come out better using Slippery Elm bark.  When I’ve used Mullein leaf, its not nearly as mucilage rich as Slippery Elm bark.

But definite CAUTION should be taken when using Mullein Leaf.  You HAVE to strain it very, very well.  I use a coffee filter to get all the little hairs out of the tea.  You HAVE to filter the Mullein well to remove the hairs if you ever want to drink it as a tea. Other people suggest cheesecloth, but I cannot vouch for using cheesecloth.

For hair, Mullein is thought to help strengthen hair and make it shine.  Some people even claim Mullein can help restore gray hair, but I have no further information about that.

Use Mullein as a hair rinse after conditioning. You can also use it as a retwist spritzer instead of water when you’re twisting or retwisting your hair throughout the week.

Mullein is one of those drought resistant plants.  As you know, I’m all for using ingredients derived from drought tolerant plants because they seem to have properties which allow it to thrive in super dry conditions.  Thus, many of these ingredients which grow in dry atmospheres are said to work well for people who have dry hair and dry skin.  For example, shea butter comes from a tree which is drought tolerant.

Many people use Mullein flowers, which is different than Mullein Leaf, to “brighten” light colored hair.  I haven’t noticed any hair lightening when I use Mullein Leaf as a retwist spritzer.  But I also use herbs known to work very well for dark hair like Nettle, Rosemary and Hibiscus.

The Mullein I get from mountainroseherbs is light and super fluffy. 🙂

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