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Study Notebook (version 1) is here! This Study Notebook allows you to take notes, save important […]
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2019 Calendar Pages! This version is the clean/plain 2019 Calendar pages from January – December 2019 […]
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A new #printable page is available! These coloring pages are so handy! You can use them […]
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This is the FULL 12-month printable planner complete with the DIY Recipe Pack! Dimensions: 8.5 x […]
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I have a printable to share for those of you who are planner, journal and archive […]
Cup of Tea
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The d-alpha form of Vitamin E is the natural form. The dl-alpha form of Vitamin E is synthetic. Any "-acetate" form of Vitamin E is useless at preventing oxidation in your actual formulation. The d-alpha form of Vitamin E is best for your actual skin.
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