May 20, 2024

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In The Works

Hydrating Gel (skin) 5%
Pea Flower/Mafura cream (body) 53%
Green Tea Style Gel 20%
Honey Apple Gel Cleanser 2%
Shea/Pumpkin LeaveIn (hair) 3%
Hibiscus Green Tea Curl Gel 3%
Bhringraj Hair Serum (hair) 12%
Curry Leaf Hair Milk (hair) 34%

Almond Honey Define Cream -

Almond Honey Define Cream [VIDEO]

Fenugreek seed and Foti root will serve as the base for this softening and creamy curl defining cream. Use it to retwist, to moisturize the hair after washing, or to help create protective styles.


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Heavy-lifter Ingredients

Pay attention to the heavy-lifter ingredients. In a lot of cases, they may not be what you think! And, yes, some of the ingredients that add shine, softness and manageability aren’t “natural”. GASP!

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