Milks for DIY mixes: Powder vs Liquid

Every now and then, people ask my opinion about whether to use liquid or powdered coconut milk or goat’s milk in their DIY mixes.  It’s a personal preference but I definitely recommend using powdered milks over liquid milks any day.

If your goal is to create a DIY mix which will be sitting out on your dresser/shower until you use it up, I’ve had the most success in using powdered milks.   The powdered form allows for more flexibility and lasts longer, according to my experience.

Right now, my fav milk powder to use is goat’s milk.  You’ll see it in a the few recipes which call for milk here at

With the powdered form, you can use however much of the powder you need quickly and easily.  If a recipe calls for 2 TBSP of Coconut Milk powder, for example, you can just dip it out and add it to your liquid portion.  With liquid coconut milk you’ll have to open a big can and then figure out what to do with the rest.

The powdered form will also be easier to use for your future recipes.  You can add the powdered form into any number of different mixes you create and not worry about the powder expiring before you use it up.

Theoretically, you can store both goat milk powder and coconut milk powder without refrigerating it.  So, you can store it almost anywhere and only pull it out when you need to use it.  However, you need to follow the instructions stated on whichever milk powder you bought.  If they say to refrigerate it — even if it’s a powder — please refrigerate it.

I’ve actually used liquid coconut milk in some of my very early recipes (none posted here) and those mixes spoiled quickly, even when I used a preservative.   Apparently, liquid milk is a breeding ground for bacteria because of the water/moisture and proteins.   Who knew?! LOL!

In addition, other ingredients you choose to use in your DIY mixes may alter the pH of liquid milk, causing it to curdle.  The powder versions don’t seem to have that issue when I use it.

Bottom line:  Please get the powdered form of any milk (coconut, goat, regular) if you want to make a leave-in, a deep conditioner, a shampoo, etc to last for a while and you don’t necessarily want to refrigerate the mix.   Especially get the powdered form if you don’t see yourself using a whole can of liquid milk right then.


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