Your Fave Product May have changed to attract a different audience

Your Fave Product May Have Become Mediocre to Attract A “More Diverse” Audience

April 25, 2017 curlytea 0

Many natural hair beauties have noticed a problem concerning the quality and effectiveness of haircare products from brands they used to adore. Let’s start with the truth: Many people who didn’t give a damn about black curly hair 10-15 years ago have either released their “me too” product line or are buying up popular (previously) black-owned companies to tap into those dollars.

emulsifier -

Which Emulsifier to Use and for What Purpose?

March 13, 2016 curlytea 0

After an email question about the emulsifier called Olivem 1000 (Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate), I wanted to make sure you guys are keeping in mind that there are different emulsifiers for different purposes.

Milks for DIY mixes: Powder vs Liquid

January 7, 2016 curlytea 0

Every now and then, people ask my opinion about whether to use liquid or powdered coconut milk or goat’s milk in their DIY mixes.  It’s a personal preference but I definitely recommend using powdered milks over liquid milks any day.

Part 3 – Ingredients Haul:

August 14, 2015 curlytea 1

I told you about new ingredients (for me) like HairFix XH Maltodextrin, ICE Conditioner, Behentrimonium Chloride and Sorbitol. I’ll introduce you to a couple more new ingredients which will hopefully make it into the final versions of my DIY recipes I post here.