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This particular podcast is about you....well,  about some of the emails I actually get from you guys!

1.Why not use Sodium lactate in hair care?...

Every now and then, people ask my opinion about whether to use liquid or powdered coconut milk or goat's milk in their DIY mixes.  It's a personal preference but I definitely recommend using powdered milks over liquid milks any day.
This particular podcast is about you....well,  about some of the emails I actually get from you guys!
1. Ingredient substitutionsI get a lot of email questions about making ingredient substitutions.  Sometimes...
I was looking at a few new water/aloe based sprays to try in the last few days.  I came across one I won't name because I haven't bought it, let alone used it to know what it does and doesn't do
I told you about new ingredients (for me) like HairFix XH Maltodextrin, ICE Conditioner, Behentrimonium Chloride and Sorbitol. I'll introduce you to a couple more new ingredients which will hopefully make it into the final versions of my DIY recipes I post here.
In Part 1 of this ingredients haul, I told you about HairFix XH Maltodextrin and ICE Conditioner.  I'll introduce you to three more new ingredients which will hopefully make it into the final versions of my DIY recipes I post here.
I don’t usually post about every ingredient haul I make, but I’m excited about this one […]
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Why do some people who do product reviews take pride in NOT getting any compensation for […]
This curlytea podshort covers my favorite drugstore products for those who haven’t quite come up with […]
3 ingredients to improve diy recipes -
There are 3 ingredients I have been adding to my most recent hair oil mixes which have improved their feel and usability.  These ingredients are little extras which help to improve the feel and decrease the time it takes for the oil to absorb.
Cup of Tea
BTW, curlytea is now on MINDS too!
Herbal extracts can be made using 95%-100% commercial grade ethanol. Most home DIYers use a combo of water and glycerin. DIY herbal infusions are often made using oils heated with the herb/tea over time.

When I make infusions, I usually add the herb and the oil into a mason jar and add that jar into a pot of water. The mix is heated on low for 2 to 4 hours.
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