I hadn’t heard a whole lot about Cleavers before buying my first mountainroseherb haul. It’s supposedly a “blood cleanser”. It’s main constituents are Chlorophyll, citric acid, rubichloric acid, tannins.

I first used this herb as a toner (what I used after I washed my face). It made my skin really tight and, this may have been just my imagination, but I didn’t see that big pore problem that I have sometimes right around my nose/undereye areas.

TIP: Make a small cup of tea with Cleavers, let it cool and use it as a toner after you wash your face.  Some natural herbalists say it decreases pores and improves quality of skin over time.

Cleavers is thought to fight acne because of its astringent, anti inflammatory nature. Reportedly, Native American tribes used it to make hair grow long and thick.

The herb is also thought to tone to the lymphatic system and promote urination when taken internally.

I once used the tea version along with rooibos to make a skin lotion that I absolutely loved.

Cleavers contain chlorophyll, citric acid, rubichloric acid and tannins. It doesn’t really have an odor either, unlike with some other herbs.

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