April 24, 2024

2 thoughts on “Easy AF Body Wash

  1. Would adding a small amount of oil (argan oil or sweet almond oil for example) help with the moisturizing feeling or the wash/skin feel you think?

    1. No. Adding oil to cleansing surfactants usually decreases lather and can cause the shampoo to be less effective. If you want to add a moisturizing feeling, try using a “refatting” ingredient like Glyceryl Oleate: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/EMF-GLYOL-01.html?lang=default

      You may also see these ingredients called “superfatting” ingredients.

      Oils in a shampoo are usually used at less than 1%. If the shampoo is doing it’s job, it’s going to wash all oils and dirt out of the hair anyway. I made the mistake of constantly trying to add oils at different percentages when I was starting out because I saw them listed in the list of ingredients on many commercial products. Then I found out the total amount of oils (all oils combined) is usually less than 1% in those fancy shampoos. It was the other ingredients in the formula doing the heavy lifting and keep the hair from feeling stripped after washing.

      FYI: I’ve also read that too much glycerin can decrease lather too, which will make a shampoo “seem” less effective even if it’s not.

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