October 5, 2022


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Easy AF Body Wash

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Easy AF Body Wash - curlytea.com

Easy AF Body Wash formula


PERCENTGthis recipeIngredientPurpose
57.5%57.5 grams Distilled waterdiluent
1%1 gramPolyquaternium-7feel-enhancer
28%28 grams Iselux Ultra Mildsurfactant blend
3%3 gramsCoco Glucosidesurfactant
10% 10 gramsCoco Betaineamphoteric surfactant
improved lather
0.5%0.5 gramsEuxyl PE 9010preservative
q.scolor (body safe)*color
*Color is optional. I’ve made this recipe about 3 times. The last time I chose to skip the color. You certainly can add color to make it pretty!
Easy AF Body Wash with no extra thickening ingredients – curlytea.com


#Mix PHASE A ingredients

#You have the option of adding the PHASE B ingredients one-by-one into PHASE A or combine PHASE B ingredients in a separate vessel and mix into PHASE A

#Add to the final container.

#You can use it immediately, but it will be full of bubbles. Let it sit 24-48 hours and the body wash will go clear

#You can add a skin-safe colorant if you want. (I skipped the color)


#This is a basic, effective Easy AF body wash. As a general rule, don’t waste any of your good extracts and actives on cleansing recipes unless you need to tell a “story” about the product in order to sell it. That’s blunt. But it’s the truth.

#Try not to skip the Polyquaternium 7. It really does improve the glide and slip of the body wash, in my opinion.

#If you want to create a pearlized, opaque version of this, add 0.7 – 1% of “Pearlizing Concentrate Easy Q” (aka Pearlogen SF 3000). Take that amount from the distilled water percentage

#Not a lot to say about it other than it works without leaving my skin feeling like the desert. Sometimes it’s better than your creation is simple. Save all of your great extracts for your leave-in conditioners, sprays, balms and faux-greases. If the product you’re making it working like it should, those ingredients will get washed down the drain and won’t be on the skin long enough to do what you want it to do.

#You can actually go up to 5% of Coco Glucoside. It may make the skin feel a tad bit softer after rinse-off, but it’s totally arbitrary.

2 thoughts on “Easy AF Body Wash

  1. Would adding a small amount of oil (argan oil or sweet almond oil for example) help with the moisturizing feeling or the wash/skin feel you think?

    1. No. Adding oil to cleansing surfactants usually decreases lather and can cause the shampoo to be less effective. If you want to add a moisturizing feeling, try using a “refatting” ingredient like Glyceryl Oleate: https://www.makingcosmetics.com/EMF-GLYOL-01.html?lang=default

      You may also see these ingredients called “superfatting” ingredients.

      Oils in a shampoo are usually used at less than 1%. If the shampoo is doing it’s job, it’s going to wash all oils and dirt out of the hair anyway. I made the mistake of constantly trying to add oils at different percentages when I was starting out because I saw them listed in the list of ingredients on many commercial products. Then I found out the total amount of oils (all oils combined) is usually less than 1% in those fancy shampoos. It was the other ingredients in the formula doing the heavy lifting and keep the hair from feeling stripped after washing.

      FYI: I’ve also read that too much glycerin can decrease lather too, which will make a shampoo “seem” less effective even if it’s not.

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