Question: Soapnuts as a natural hair wash?

soapnutsarithafront curlytea

 soapnutsarithafront curlytea

Soapnuts: 100% natural “shampoo”, cleaner, laundry cleaner, etc. I have to try these. Has anyone used soapnuts (aritha) foam to wash their natural hair?  It is completely natural… and I mean completely. There is no lye involved in the creation process of this natural cleaner. There are even some companies which incorporate soapnuts into their hard bar (lye) recipes.

Check out this youtube vid demonstrating how to process the real soap nut into a frothy, foamy hair wash.


Websites which sell bar soaps which integrates Soap Nuts in their recipes:



Do you use soap nuts as a natural hair cleanser? What was your experience?

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