June 13, 2024

2 thoughts on “CETAC – Cetrimonium Chloride (CETAC 30%)

    1. My favorite leave-in conditioner formula here is the Almond Mint Leave-In Conditioner w/ Peppermint and Chickweed

      However, it uses a behentrimonium chloride based emulsifier blend that you may or may not like called “ICE Conditioner”.

      I have to admit my favorite conditioning emulsifier right now is the AminoSensyl HC. (HC is the one for hair) It’s not BTMS or based on the same quat-conditioning system that BTMS is. If you’re having issues with BTMS or behentrimonium being too heavy, I think you should try AminoSensyl HC if you can find it. I’m in the US and had to order it from a Canadian supplier:

      By the way, I’ve noticed the creams are “creamier” with AminoSensyl HC in comparison to BTMS-50.

      If you’re looking for a deep conditioner, you can use it as well. I created a Hair Mask using AminoSensyl HC here:

      If you want your hair to feel deep conditioned for a while, I still think a combination of any of the following would be good:
      Behentrimonium chloride + CETAC + hydrolyzed protein
      BTMS and CETAC
      Behentrimonium chloride + Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine (finicky to work with) + a polyquat
      Varisoft EQ 65 + hydrolyzed proteins
      AninoSensyl HC + Cationic Hyaluronic Acid
      Polyquaternium 37 + any compatible cationic emulsifier (I haven’t even posted a formula for that one yet!)

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