First Impressions: Soultanicals Goodies!


I just received a beautiful package from the wonderful Ayo at Soultanicals!

She went out of her way and even provided samples for review that I didn’t even ask for! L.O.V.E. that.  (For those who want to transition to selling their DIY stuff: take note!  That’s the type of stuff which creates loyalty.)

As I always do, before I post a full review of each product I like to give my first impressions.  So here goes!



Beautiful shipping!  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the shredded, natural type of packing that makes the products look extra good! I don’t know. That’s just my thing! lol!



In the photo, you see them after I picked them up and looked at each one, then tried to put em back down because I forgot to take the pic. LOL!

# Fluff-a-licious Curl Nutricious

Hole’lup! First I gotta gush for a minute.  Got a whole 4oz of this stuff! Whaaaat! I’m ’bout to go crazy! Companies don’t usually send 4oz of nuthin’! What!?

Ok. Back to business.

1. Its creamy as heck. Love that.
2. Has SLIP!
3. Softly scented with nice spicy undertones, but not overpowering at first. But after it cooled back down (after being in hot post office truck) it smelled almost like a buttercream or sweet scent with a very, very, very faint spice in the background

Full review coming…

# Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat

1. Creamy too!
2. Has slip, but not as much as the Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious
3. Great smell.  It has a type of almost ripe fruity smell or a mix of scents (at least that’s what my nose smells).  It good though, and not overpowering.
4.  It has my hand soft (I put a little on my hair too)

Full review coming…

# Dash the Ash Body Balm

Another 4oz goodie! What!?!

1. This is a body balm; thick but not too too draggy
2. Has Tamanu oil and Baobab extract; 2 pluses for me
3. I can’t really describe the scent. Maybe a tiny bit m… naw, I can’t really describe it. It doesn’t smell like a fruit or candy or anything.  But it has a natural smell, imo.

#Loc N Roll Twist & Fro Out

This one came in a cute lil’ pink see through baggie with a “Soulffirmation” magnet stickie
1. Its like a grease, but not greasy (if that makes sense). I think I gotta let it cool back down to see the original consistency
2. Smells good. Maybe a light citrus scent.

AND AND AND, DUN DUN DUN DUN, she also sent the famous KNOT SAUCE to be provided as the giveaway item to one lucky winner, which I will send out after the upcoming Soultanicals giveaway has ended.  So stay tuned for that!

Bottom line: Since I DIY, I can kinda tell when mixtresses have put their heart and soul into something, and tested and retested and retested again until they have it just right.  Soultanicals, from the initial impression, is looking good already.  

I’ll put the products to the test and let you know how they perform in my hair.

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