TOPICS: Cop goes crazy at a pool party; Samsung, Stop it; Rachel Dolezal pretends to be biracial and breaks the internet

1.Cop goes crazy at a pool party

I’m going to need everyone who thought it was a great idea for a grown-ass man to throw a 14 year old girl to the ground twice, smash her head into the grass and push his knees into her back to  sit down somewhere


2. Samsung, *sigh*

I’m gonna need Samsung to continue to be the Samsung I love, and to not morph into Baby Apple. Continue to do you boo (shout out to Shameless Maya) and stop chasing the Apple hype.


3. Rachel Dolezal pretends to be a biracial woman

Rachel Dolezal made a choice to perpetrate a lie just like those who defend her are making a choice to overlook her position in society to even make that choice to begin with

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TOPICS: Cop goes crazy at a pool party; Samsung, Stop it; Rachel Dolezal pretends to be biracial and breaks the internet {podcast id=10}


artist: The Insder
song: Interstellar Export

artist: Wake
song: Steppin

artist: Sahy Uhns
song: UhHmmm

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