Is your hair unimportant to you?



Is your hair unimportant to you? Solange recently became a target of people who didn’t like her less than perfect natural hair.  But she says her hair isn’t all that important to her.

She is quoted as saying, “My hair is not very important to me…so I don’t encourage it to be important to you.” (

Quite honestly, my hair is very important to me. However, what I don’t care about are other people’s opinions. For example, like how some people complain about natural hair not being “professional” (read: “straight” or “done”).

And honestly, i do feel like some fake “natural hair weaves” give a false impression of what many people’s natural hair will look like. If Solage’s natural hair doesn’t look like Kelly Rowland’s weave, some people may not get it, you know what I mean?

So I don’t care what other grown women ultimately do to their hair. But honestly, we all have opinions about hair.

What do you think about Solange’s proclamation?

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