December 7, 2022


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Curlytea Stuff! Grab your Curlytea Merch!

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Curlytea Merchandise! Yay!! laugh

Check out the only curlytea merch you can buy online right now which features a hand-drawn "artwork" on a bunch of different stuff!  I know that sounds SOOOO convincing right?! HAHA!

Recently, I've been playing around with creating designs, which includes drawing all kinds of curly curls, kinks and coils. 

Well, the very first, brand spanking new (like last night, chi'le!) design is up now at's Cafepress store.  This is so much fun!

The 1st design is the "Curly Rorschach Test" design. Go git'it!

{snippet cafepress2c}

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