October 5, 2022


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Liquid Aminos

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Ingredients: Certified Non-GMO Healthy Soybeans and purified water

Liquid Aminos is most often used as a lower sodium alternative to Soy Sauce which also provides the body with necessary Amino acids.

Some people have latched onto Liquid Aminos as a hair treatment.  As with anything that's being touted for treatment,  there's a possibility that it's more sizzle than steak so to speak. 

Some Naturals swear it improves the strength and sheen of their hair, while others use some type of product containing Amino Acids to help get hair really straight.  

Liquid Aminos is one of the ingredients in the "cherry lola treatment" (plain yogurt, baking soda, liquid aminos)  

Liquid Aminos has become a kind of treatment for the maintenance of hair because it contains 16 of the 20 Amino acids:
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

According to the EWG.org, Alanine is used in the industry as a hair and skin conditioning agent. Arginine is gaining some attention from those who are looking to slow hair loss.  Like Alanine, Aspartic acid and Isoleucine is used in the industry for its conditioning and antistatic properties.

Glutamic acid is related to glutamine which is said to promote the production of skin cells and is necessary for "nucleotide sythesis" which functions to keep hair follicles healthy(6).  Glycine is said to promote healthy hair and skin.

Histidine, Lysine and Tyrosine all have supposedly been preliminarily studied for their ability to help repair hair and restore amino acid balance (7).  Tyrosine also produces melanin which is also a pigment used to produce the color of your hair (11).

A deficiency in Methionine is said to be one cause of dry, brittle hair (9).  It's called the main supplier of sulfur which is necessary for hair and nail growth (10).

NOTE:  In some cases, Liquid Aminos can be (if ever so slightly) lower in sodium than some soy sauces. For example, Great Value Soy Sauce (regular) has 370mg per 5mL (1 teaspoon) and Kikkoman's Organic Soy Sauce has 340mg per 5mL.  Braggs Liquid Aminos has 320mg per 5mL(1 teaspoon).  However, the Great Value Soy Sauce has no protein and Kikkoman's has less than 1g of protein.  But the Liquid Aminos contains 620mg of Protein per teaspoon.

Phenylalanine can also be a source of tyrosine, another amino acid which is thought to be necessary to slow the graying of hair.

Serine is derived from silk proteins (12).  Like so many of its fellow amino acids, it's used in the industry as a hair conditioning and antistatic agent.  It is also said to aid in collagen production.

Threonine promotes normal growth of the body and is said to be necessary for the creation of Glycine and Serine which in turn helps with the production of collagen.

Bottom line is that if your hair is brittle and dry, it could be due to protein issues.  Hair is mostly protein and long chain amino acids.

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