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 tropicaltraditionsmine3b curlytea

After using Tropical Traditions brand of Virgin Coconut Oil I finally understand why so many people praise it so highly. As I told you in my preliminary review, no straight liquid oil I’ve used thus far has made my skin as soft as when I use this brand of coconut Oil.  

As you guys know, I make most of my own stuff: lotions, shea butter whips, hair conditioners/leave in conditioners, deep conditioning treatments, etc.

So although I do use certain off-the-shelf products, I’m always looking for ways of making my own concoctions and not getting bogged down in that whole product junkie world like I used to be.

My attitude is that if something doesn’t work, I don’t give a damn how expensive it is, I ain’t using it anymore.

I took a little of this Tropical Traditions Coconut oil and put some on my super dry hands and was shocked. They were smoother and softer than with other brands of coconut oil.  

I’ve used Nutiva, Barleans, Swanson, and Garden of Life Coconut brands before.  Of those previous brands, some were good while others had me thinking “why is this stuff so high to be so… blah?’

I’m really, really liking the Tropical Traditions brand though.

The company’s website breaks down how the coconut oil is created.  Their brand of coconut oil is unrefined and made from fresh coconuts while most other brands originate from dried coconut meat.   Their Gold Label coconut oil, the one I’m using, is COLD PRESSED, two words that I look for when I want high quality ingredients.

//On my skin//
I’m not sure what it is about Tropical Traditions but it works better on my dry skin than anything other than shea butter.

At first I was thinking it was a mind thing.  But I continued to test it after doing ridiculous stuff like washing dishes without gloves on and using African Black soap with no moisturizer on my skin other than the coconut oil. (That’s ridiculous for me b/c I like to slather on the shea butter/avocado oil/cocoa butter mix)

If you’ve been around the site, you know its not stocked with glowing reviews of products.  That’s because I rarely rave about stuff unless its very, very good.  (I’m actually going to be more open about a few things I do use in the future, though.)

For me, Tropical Traditions coconut oil is my favorite brand.  Maybe it does have something to do with the freshness of how its made or the quality of the coconuts chosen.  They don’t even use heat or chemicals in the process of making their coconut oil.  I guess that’s why their brand is a little more expensive than the super cheap stuff you’ll see in Walmart or somewhere else.

I even use it on my face; something that I don’t even do with shea butter! Shea is way too heavy for my face.


TIP:  Use coconut oil on your face 2 or 3 times a week as a prewash or as the main cleaner for dry skin.  This is like oil washing.  My skin is very dry so this is actually working for me for now:
1 Put a noticeable amount of Tropical Traditions coconut oil on it (I’ve only used Tropical Traditions brand on my face)
2 Let it sit for 10 minutes (or more)
3 Wet face with water and massage the water+coconut oil all over
4 Use a paper towel or cloth to gently wipe most of the oil off
5 Rinse again with cool water and gently wipe it down again
6 If your face still feels too greasy, repeat.
(If its still too greasy, use less coconut oil next time!  But for now, use a teeny tiny amount of African black soap to remove enough until you feel comfortable)


I’ve done this three times and I haven’t had the dryness around my mouth, my cheeks, my eyebrows or my nose that I normally do when I use regular cleansers.

tropicaltraditionsmine1b curlytea

//On hair//
On my hair, the Tropical Traditions brand is slightly better than other coconut oils I’ve used.  The plus for me is that I’m using a higher quality brand made without chemicals or heat.  

Coconut oil generally works very well on both my curly hair and my sister’s relaxed hair.  I don’t wanna jinx myself but I haven’t had the issue thus far that other women have had who say coconut oil makes their hair hard.

NOTE: I couple days ago I recently made a Creamy Coconut Milk Hair Creme using Tropical Traditions coconut oil and another brand of coconut milk powder. Good for my dry hair! EEEEE!!!! That post coming soon

So far I’ve used Tropical Traditions coconut oil to oil my hair at night before I retwist, and I used it to make a DIY hair leave in cream. More on that later.

It soaks up well and my hair is always soft the next day.  Actually, the softness with Tropical Traditions brand lasts a little longer than other brands I’ve used.  It’ll be a little into the 3rd day before I feel like I have to put more in my hair.  

I don’t have any complaints thus far.  Just be careful not to use too much.

One day I’m gonna get around to trying out the Coconut Cream Concentrate too. 😛

So if you’re looking for a great brand of coconut oil that is of higher quality, cold-pressed and made from fresh coconuts without chemicals, you seriously need to check out Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil.  That’s some good stuff yall.

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