Shea Azelaic Cream Serum

Shea Azelaic Cream Serum – Tester [version 11]

makes approx 50 grams (fits 3.5oz container)

What’s This: The Tester Formulas are small 50 gram sample batches I’m working on. These formulas will probably not have videos attached as they are the result of multiple test versions of a specific formula. It usually takes a few weeks or a few months to get to a formula I like, and then I test it on myself over time (usually 2 weeks to 1 month). Thus, when I make something good, I’m going to go ahead and post it. I may create a video for it or for a subsequent version of it in the future. (○` 3′○)

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DON'T use xanthan gum with any version of BTMS! These two ingredients apparently hate each other's guts. You may notice what looks like white streaks all throughout your product.

Xanthan gum is incompatible with cationic emulsifiers like BTMS-25 and BTMS-50.
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