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They don’t just make great coconut oil, yall. They use that high quality oil to make […]

I've been testing my new anhydrous (without water) butter whip for a few days and I like it!  Thanks to the Cupuacu butter and Behenyl alcohol, its creaminess almost resembles a water-based emulsion.

It not only has Coconut oil (Tropical Traditions Organic! luv it!), but also Shea butter, Cupuacu butter, Cocoa butter and Camellia oil which has been infused with the herb called 'Cleavers' along with Rosehips.

Unrefined Safflower has a 2 year shelf life, according to Its also high in oleic acid and contains linoleic acid
Cup of Tea
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Herbal extracts can be made using 95%-100% commercial grade ethanol. Most home DIYers use a combo of water and glycerin. DIY herbal infusions are often made using oils heated with the herb/tea over time.

When I make infusions, I usually add the herb and the oil into a mason jar and add that jar into a pot of water. The mix is heated on low for 2 to 4 hours.
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