October 5, 2022


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Horsetail (shavegrass) is high in silica!  Silica is thought to improve hair, skin and nails.  Its one of those must have minerals (like zinc, calcium, iron, etc) that helps the body.

It not only contains silica, but also manganese, selenium, potassium, and very small amounts of nicotine.

{snippet adszooleft}Horsetail is known for helping to strengthen and improve look of hair.  Its especially good for oily hair too because of its antiseptic qualities.  However, those with dry hair should add something more with horsetail tea to combat the dryness that overuse of horsetail could cause those with already dry hair.

I add it to my products to help with strength. I also use it as a spritzer between washes.  What I do is make a tea (herbal infusion) from horsetail and a few other herbs of choice, then add glycerin, and shake a little citric acid to lower the pH.

TIP: Some people add Apple Cider Vinegar instead of citric acid. It serves the same purpose which is to lower the pH and help close the hair cuticle.

Internally, horsetail is known for its diuretic properties along with being used to stop bleeding and heal wounds.  It also is said to strengthen bone.

Horsetail is part of a golden trio of herbs recommended to get and maintain healthy hair: coltsfoot, horsetail, nettle.  Some people add comfrey to that list as well, by the way.

TIP: Silica decreases as the body gets older, which causes wrinkles and dry skin.  Its why you may have brittle nails and dull hair.  Silica is necessary for the formation of collagen. And collagen is what's found in our flesh and connective tissue.  By the way, Gelatin is collagen that's been hydrolyzed.  "Hydrolyzed Collagen" = Gelatin.

There are a few warnings if you're going to be drinking horsetail tea.  You shouldn't drink horsetail if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.  It does contain nicotine and is thought to flush certain minerals out of the body.  It is also not recommended to drink it for a long period of time or in high doses either.

You'll find horsetail in some OTS (off the shelf) products and in products like Brown Butter Beauty's Mixed Greens  blend which has Horsetail, Nettle and Parsley (another awesome hair herb).

Try to incorporate it into your concoctions.  Just a note: horsetail herb has a distinct smell.  Be prepared to add fragrance or essential oils if you're going to make a leave in product with it. lol!

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