September 25, 2022


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Quick Brazil Nut butter Sealer (travel size)

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Brazil Nut butter sealer -

Brazil Nut butter Sealer (travel size) – (makes 1/4cup; measurements in volume)

3 TBSP Brazil Nut butter
1TBSP Nettle and Horsetail infused olive oil
*Simple,huh? 😉

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Preparation Required
DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Instead of doing the following steps, you can also buy Nettle or Horsetail oil at a wholesaler or retailer. You can also buy Nettle and Horsetail extract and add them directly to Brazil Nut Butter

#Take a desired amount of Olive oil and pour into a glass bowl, mason jar, or pyrex cup
#Add your desired amount of Nettle and Horsetail herb. I made a lot of this oil less than 8 months ago, so I had a fair amount of oil and herb. Use your best judgement.
#Place glass container inside a pot of water enough to last 4 hours
#After 4 hours, let oil cool to room temperature. THEN Strain well. Nylon strainer (knee high stocking) may work best.
#Now you have your oil. It should be a dark greenish color.  You can also use this oil in your shea butter mixes so don’t be too worried about having  excess oil.

Continue below:

#In a little travel size container, mix your two ingredients well.  I used a chopstick. My Brazil nut butter ( is very very soft and buttery. Its not hard at all. If yours is hard you may be able to get away with more nettle/horsetail oil without turning too soupy


#I apply this after spritzing my hair with water or tea before twisting/retwisting. This mix doesn’t have any moisture (water) in it, so its meant to be a sealer ( IE best used on damp, wet or slightly damp hair)
#Brazil nut butter has a nutty sweet scent. For those who don’t like it, pair it with an essential oil (like sweet orange) or a fragrance oil (like chocolate or even pineapple)

Why Brazil Nut butter?

Brazil Nut Butter is made from brazil nut oil and a buttery base.  Brazil nut oil is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A, B, C, E.  You may find it in hair and body products, even soaps and sun care products.  Add it to your whips to help protect and seal in the moisture.

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