Amla Curl Cream -
Amla Curl Cream Let’s make a curl cream using two great ayurvedic oils (Amla and Bhringraj) […]
Murumuru Mint Amla Leave-in Conditioner -
Murumuru Mint Amla Leave-In Conditioner Wait a minute! This is actually good! lol! My hair is […]
Amla and Black seed HP Cream - curlytea
Amla and Black seed Cream (HP) makes approx 100 grams (fits 4oz jar) PREVIEW
Bhringraj and Amla Castor Cream -
Bhringraj and Amla Castor Cream with Artichoke Extract makes approx 200 grams PREVIEW
Amla Black Seed Castor Grease -
Amla Black seed Castor Grease (Non-petroleum)makes approx 100 grams (fits 3.5oz – 4 oz jars) PREVIEW
Marshmallow Root Ayurvedic Shea Cream -
Marshmallow Root Ayurvedic Shea Creammakes approx 200 grams PREVIEW
Triple A Ayurvedic Shampoo -
Triple A Ayurvedic Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Amla and Ashwagandha makes approx 300 grams (fits 11+ […]
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amla powder -
Amla Powder Infused Creamed Salve – ~3oz version (I liked this much better, also stirred it […]
Cup of Tea
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Anionic surfactants are said to clean better than nonionic surfactants (no charge) because anionic surfactants use a negative charge to remove oil and dirt from the surface of skin and hair.

Anionic surfactants

Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate (aka GentleFoam SCG) [Ecocert/NPA approved]
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (aka BabyFoam SCI)
Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (aka EasyFoam)

Nonionic surfactants

Polyglucose/Lactylate Blend (can be combined with mild anionic surfactants)
Decyl glucoside
Coco Glucoside (can be combined with anionic surfactants)
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