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Product Review: DezMar-Ink Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant

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DezMar-Ink Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant - Great sealant without being greasy, overbearing or sticky
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DezMar-Ink Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter, Unrefined Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Kosher Vitamin E


Great sealant without being greasy, overbearing or sticky


This Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant has a very soft, pleasant scent probably from the essential oil blend.  Its not an artificial scent.  It almost smells like a natural soap


Thanks to the generosity of DezMar-Ink, I have had the opportunity to use this butter for the better part of the month.

The first thing I noticed about the Ajia Destiny Shea Butter is that the consistency is just perfect.  Its not too thick, not runny, not waxy and not gooey.  In my opinion, it is the ideal consistency for a substantial butter.

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However, I cannot speak for how it will arrive when the weather is hot outside.  It may not take away from the effectiveness, though.  But we all know that’s the nature of real butters!

It doesn’t appear to be a whipped, fluffy butter, so you’re getting the full bang and not a butter where air has been whipped into it.

Keep in mind that there is no water in this butter mix, so this is definitely a sealant and not a “moisturizer”.   It is a real butter mix and not an emulsified butter (not that there is anything wrong with an emulsified butter).


Since the Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant is a real butter and not an emulsified butter, it works very well on damp to wet hair to keep it moisturized.

+ After washing:  I used this sealant after I washed my hair.  I made sure all of the product buildup was removed.  My hair was wet.  I ‘oiled’ my scalp with it, then took more product, rubbed it in between my palms and smoothed it through my hair from root to ends.

After my hair dried, I was a little surprised because the butter kept it tangle-free.  It also didn’t feel ‘greasy’.  (BTW, I think any butter would feel greasy if you use too much).

My hair unraveled easily after I twisted it as well, even without me doing a drawn-out detangling session after washing.

+ After rinsing:  I also used this butter after simply rinsing my hair with water just to get it wet enough to retwist.  Again, it performed beautifully without feeling as if I had a lot of buildup.  Use enough of it, but don’t be too heavy-handed.


Since this is a real butter, it is meant to be a sealant.  That is to say, it works best when HAIR is damp or wet, or at least has been sprayed with water/aloe vera juice/tea/hydrosol.

However, I did use it to oil my dry scalp.  I used it to keep the scalp itself from being dry and itchy.  No problems at all on that front.  My crown area was a little itchy because it got dry over the course of a few days (I was a little lazy :P).  To deal with that problem, I used this butter on my scalp and I didn’t have any more problems with itching.

Everybody’s head is different though.  So you may have to go to their website to ask what’s in the “essential oil blend” just to ensure it doesn’t contain an essential oil you may be allergic to.


The Ajia Destiny Shea butter sealant isn’t just meant to be used for your hair! It also can be used to seal in moisture on your skin, especially after a shower/bath.

Its easy to apply and it may look shiny at first, but it does sink in well without leaving a super-greasy after-feel.  Yes, you will feel its ‘body butter’ effect at first.  That just means its doing what its supposed to do.

If your skin is super-dry or cracked, you may need something like Eucerin/Aquaphor.  This butter is good, but it DOESN’T have that sticky, petroleum, ointment feel that often helps with super, super super dry and cracked skin.


Organic Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter – Shea butter is an overall great butter to use from head to toe.  It can be used alone as a sealant.  Many naturals say it also helps to soften the hair and lubricate it to keep it from tangling.  You’ll find shea butter in a lot of butters mixes.

Unrefined Olive Oil – Olive oil has looong been known to be very beneficial for hair and skin.  You will find it in dang near everything that has to do with haircare.  It helps add shine to the hair, helps to fight tangling/frizz, and is used to keep hair moisturized (if used with water or with a conditioner).

Jamaican Black Castor Oil–  Jamaican Black Castor oil (JBCO) has a well known history in the natural hair community.  It is thought to make hair grow thicker and stronger over time.  It is said to increase blood flow to the scalp and to help fight breakage and dandruff.  JBCO still retains its “ash content” from the roasting of the Castor beans, ideally making it more effective than the clear kind you get at the drugstore.

Kosher Vitamin E– Vitamin E! Vitamin E is simply wonderful to use in the hair and on the scalp.  It is thought to help the hair grow.  Some of the best oils for skin have a significant amount of Vitamin E in them (ie. High Oleic Sunflower Oil etc).   It is also said to help promote hair growth and to help prevent hair loss.  Vitamin E has high antioxidant properties as well.


# Seals in moisture very well without leaving a super-greasy feeling
# Great consistency  (at least, in this cold weather)
# Soft scent
# Keeps scalp from being dry
# My mama “stole” (begged for) a couple of ounces for her own use. As picky as she is, that’s a HUGE plus!


If you want to get the product to do your own review of the Ajia Destiny Shea Butter Sealant, go to their website and purchase the product:

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