Behenyl alcohol is, in my opinion, a better thickener to use in comparison to cetyl alcohol. In my experimentation, behenyl offers a conditioning feeling that cetyl alone doesn’t seem to have. It, too, is used to make emulsions thick and creamy, but it adds what can be described as a “velvety” dry but moisturized feeling to the creams I’ve made.

Behenyl alcohol is not a regular, drying ‘alcohol’. Its a ‘fatty’ alcohol that’s vegetable derived.

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It serves as a co-emulsifier in that it helps the main emulsifier to bind the oil and the water together to further stabilize the mix.

As an aside, I notice that when I heat up the oil phase when it includes behenyl, and mix it with the heated water phase, I get what looks like a noticeable bubbling up as if its fizzing (but not like a bath bomb fizz) before it bubbles back down.

As you’re whipping the mix, you will also notice a lot of bubbles, imo. Behenyl alcohol adds a creaminess to the body of emulsions and increases viscosity. It can also improve or thicken the texture of whipped butters too.

Recommended Use Rate: 1 – 25% (

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Hydrolyzed Collagen can be made from bovine (cow), chicken, or marine (fish) sources. When choosing a good collagen, pay attention to reviews about the smell, the taste and most importantly how it dissolves.

Some hydrolyzed collagen should be added to hot beverages first in order for it to blend well without clumping. Clumping doesn't mean it's ineffective. It just means you'll have to take 1 extra step before consuming it or testing it topically.
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