May 20, 2024

9 thoughts on “My adventures with Olivem 1000 emulsifier

  1. I was wondering, what do you mean by “other ingredients were added”? Were they ingredients that contributed to the oil phase or to the water phase?

    1. Hi! It depends on the recipe. “Other ingredients” denotes that additional ingredients in each test recipe were used which would make the percentage equal to 100%. This post is old, so I’d have to go digging through a box of notes to find it exactly. But it’s probably the additional ingredients like humectants (panthenol, vegemoist, etc), preservatives, or other additives like extracts. They weren’t important to list here because I’m talking about the water, to oil, to emulsifier ratios.

    1. Well both Olivem 1000 and BTMS-25 and BTMS-50 are all emulsifiers. However, only BTMS-25/50 are conditioning as well. I don’t know about other formulators, but when I use Olivem 1000 and BTMS in the same recipe, I’m doing it help stabilize the emulsion and to help with the final viscosity. You don’t have to use both and they are completely different. BTMS is a conditioning emulsifier (great in conditioners) and Olivem 1000 is an emulsifier without any additional obvious softening properties for the hair. So if you’re being frugal or careful with your ingredients, use BTMS-25/50 in hair recipes and use Olivem 1000 in lotions, creams, regular hair moisturizer recipes, etc.

  2. hello

    you didn’t have to use x. gum for 5-6% olivem emulsions, to reduce soapiness?
    in your post you do not mention soapiness at all. did u face that problem with Olivem 1000?
    many thanks

    1. Soaping is only a problem for me if it becomes a hindrance. I don’t really mind a little rub in time. For others, they can’t stand it. 😛 I don’t remember if I experienced soaping during these tests but it must not have been a large issue or else I would have noted it. OliveM 1000 can cause some soaping effect, but most formulators use a silicone to cut the soaping effect it causes. If you don’t want a soaping effect at all, use another emulsifier like Creammaker Moringa (from Or use OliveM 1000 in conjunction with a silicone (if you’re not against -cones) or a silicone alternative to see if you can get rid of the soaping.

  3. Hi! thanks for the valuable information! I formulated a thick body cream with Olivem 1000 MB but I’m finding that, although thick, it doesn’t feel creamy and it almost feels drying. I posted my formula below because I’m trying to get different opinions as to what’s causing my cream to not feel rich and moisturizing. I’m not sure if it’s the use of butter (use less butters and more oils), the % of emulsifier (increase or decrease), so i’m looking for opinions! Thank you!!!!

    Phase A
    62.5% water
    4% Glycerin

    Phase B
    7.9% Shea Butter
    2.6% Mango Butter
    4.7% Avocado Oil
    4.7% Coconut Oil
    2.5% Cetyl Alcohol
    2% Glyceryl Stearate
    5% Olivem 1000

    Phase C
    2% Preservative
    2% Calendula Extract
    0.1% Rosemary Extract

    1. Hum… maybe you can replace the Coconut oil with Olive Oil? Also, try to change your glycerin to another humectant or combination of humectants to make up for that 4%. Me, I would use 4% Betaine (beet sugar extract). But since the only supplier of the best version of this ingredient seems to be having issues, I can’t recommend you use them.

      #You can try to get rid of the Glyceryl Stearate. Maybe that’s causing the mix to have a drier feel.

      #You can try adding silicone substitutes in place of the Glyceryl Stearate or the Cetyl alcohol. Try Ethylhexyl Olivate ( or Ethylhexyl Palmitate (

      #You can try 4% 72h Moisture instead of Glycerin. (from

      #You can try 2% Propanediol + 2% 72H moisture instead of Glycerin.

      #You can also try a different emulsifier like CreamMaker Moringa ( It also has the benefit of little to no soaping effect.

      Either way, you may need something that will improve glide, which can cause product to feel more moisturizing on the skin. Look for ingredients that are good at that.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I create a hair conditioner last week with olivem 1000 (trying it for the first time), and my formula separated after a few hours, didn’t understand what I have done wrong, but reading your post I figure it out, I only used 3% of it in my formula, I think that’s the main reason it didn’t stay stable, I’ve been searching all over the internet to find out more info about formulating with this ingredient and I found your website. AWESOME!!!!

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