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NatureSilk (Propanediol)

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INCI: 1,3 Propanediol

1,3 Propanediol (known as Naturesilk at is a plant based, ECOCERT/NPA approved emollient and solubilizer.

Its a natural replacement for the petro-chemical based glycols (propylene, butylene, etc).

It is said to provide an “improved moisture binding activity” which can “hydrate the skin” along with “imparting a dry silky feel to emulsions.”

When I add Naturesilk to my conditioners and lotions, they have an added soft almost silky quality factor. Hence, the name NatureSilk.   I usually use about 3% to 5%, although you can use it up to 70% in your mixes.

One of the best things about Naturesilk is that its WATER SOLUBLE.  This means you can add it to your spritzes and use it to solubilize things like allantoin and extracts. says you can use Naturesilk to make a great fragrance mist in minutes. Their recommendation:

1. Add 1% Essential or Fragrance oil to Naturesilk. Shake.

2. Add a preservative to water.

3. Mix the two things together.

4. Done.

They give you a way to figure out what you need.  They recommend a 20:1 ratio.
That means for every 1% of Fragrance or Essential oil, use 20% Naturesilk.
If you want to use 2% Fragrance oil, use 40% Naturesilk.

Naturesilk lasts 2 years when stored properly, has no odor and is clear/colorless.

You can use it almost anything:
hair conditioners
styling products (creams, gels, etc)
skin cream
colognes / fragrance mist

So give it a try if you can.

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