June 14, 2024

6 thoughts on “Kukui and Castor Conditioning Hair Milk [VIDEO]

    1. This is a leave-in conditioner. For leave-in conditioners, I usually put “leave-in” in the title or the video title. If you want to leave a conditioner in or rinse it out, you decide how best to use it. For some people with looser curl patterns, the conditioners I want to leave-in may work best for them if they use it a like a regular rinse-off conditioner. So whenever you see “leave-in” in the title, I used this recipe as a leave-in.

      In addition, there are two categories concerning this issue: “Leave-in Conditioners” and “Conditioners”. If you see a recipe listed under “Leave-in Conditioners”, I use those as leave-in conditioners. If you see a recipe listed under “Conditioners” category, I use those like rinse-out conditioners, but you have the option of leaving those in too if they work for you. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not. 😀 Because this is DIY, you have the freedom to make the decision based on what works best for you. Just note that whatever you see listed under the “Leave-in Conditioners” category were created as leave-in conditioners.

  1. I’m having difficulty with this. I did substitute some ingredients, overall it came out amazing! The issue I’m having is my final product has a whole bunch of tiny bubbles. Do you have any tips on how to avoid having so much bubbles? I use a stick bender and tried to keep it under the mixture as to not incorporate air. But it still didn’t work

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