December 7, 2022


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Kukui and Castor Conditioning Hair Milk [VIDEO]

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This is a very nice, silkened leave-in
kukui and castor conditiong milk -

Kukui and Castor Conditioning Hair Milk – makes approx 228 grams (fits 8oz container)
use a scale

151g     Distilled/Purified water
13g     Aloe Vera Juice
5g     VegeMoist (Beet Sugar extract)
5g     Panthenol
5g     Royal Jelly Extract

11g     Kukui Nut oil
11g     Castor oil
11g     BTMS-50

9g     NatureSilk
2g     Optiphen
1g     Neem oil
3 chopstick-end sized amounts of Guar Gum
3-6ml Fragrance (optional)




# Put PHASE A into 1st glass bowl or mason jar
# Put PHASE B into 2nd glass bowl or mason jar

If you’re using two bowls:
# Place 1st bowl over a small pot of water
# Place 2nd bowl over another small pot of water
# Heat both pots of water for 25 minutes

If you’re using two mason jars:
# Place both jars into a pot big enough for both of them to stand without touching each other. Put enough water inside the pot to last more than 25 minutes.
#Heat for 25 minutes


# Pour PHASE A (waters) into PHASE B and mix WITH A STICK BLENDER for about 15 seconds to 30 seconds straight. Careful of bubble formation, although you may not be able to avoid it when using a stick blender.
# For this mix, I simply stick blended for about 30 seconds, then kept the bottom part of the stick blender in the jar and used that to stir the mix a little longer.
# You should see the mix turn white
# Let cool for at least 7 to 10 minutes. Make sure glass is touchable
# Optional: place the glass container inside a bigger container of cool water
# Optional: place mix inside the freezer for 5-7 minutes. BE CAREFUL of extreme temperature changes with using glass!! That’s why you should let it cool down before placing it into the freezer.
# Once cooled, add COOL DOWN ingredients and stir or mix again
# Add to a jar.


# This is a very nice, silkened leave-in
# It’s the consistency of a light lotion with slip so that it’ll be easy to spread throughout the hair
# The Guar Gum gives it slip, while the BTMS-50 gives it conditioning power
# I have used this on dry hair, but I prefer to use any conditioner on slightly damp to wet hair.

artist: James Pants
“Menehune Dance”

artist: Josh Woodward
“Stars Collide”
“The Voices”



Kukui nut oil is a magnificent oil for skin and hair.  It has high penetration properties. For hair, it penetrates very well and helps to soften, often leaving a conditioned after-feel. It also claims to be good for dry scalp. For skin, it leaves the skin glowing and feeling smooth.  It is said to help sooth sunburns, and aid in moisturizing chapped skin.

The fatty acids coupled with the amino acids are what gives Kukui nut oil an edge over other oils one might use on the skin and hair.

By the way, Kukui nut oil is best used in hair the way one would use coconut oil.  It is not a heavy ‘sealant’ type of oil.

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4 years ago

Hi There! Is this a leave in or wash out conditioner? How do I know which of your recipes are wash out conditioners? Thank You!

4 years ago
Reply to  V.

This is a leave-in conditioner. For leave-in conditioners, I usually put “leave-in” in the title or the video title. If you want to leave a conditioner in or rinse it out, you decide how best to use it. For some people with looser curl patterns, the conditioners I want to leave-in may work best for them if they use it a like a regular rinse-off conditioner. So whenever you see “leave-in” in the title, I used this recipe as a leave-in.

In addition, there are two categories concerning this issue: “Leave-in Conditioners” and “Conditioners”. If you see a recipe listed under “Leave-in Conditioners”, I use those as leave-in conditioners. If you see a recipe listed under “Conditioners” category, I use those like rinse-out conditioners, but you have the option of leaving those in too if they work for you. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not. 😀 Because this is DIY, you have the freedom to make the decision based on what works best for you. Just note that whatever you see listed under the “Leave-in Conditioners” category were created as leave-in conditioners.

4 years ago

Thank you!!

2 years ago

I’m having difficulty with this. I did substitute some ingredients, overall it came out amazing! The issue I’m having is my final product has a whole bunch of tiny bubbles. Do you have any tips on how to avoid having so much bubbles? I use a stick bender and tried to keep it under the mixture as to not incorporate air. But it still didn’t work

5 months ago

I made something similar with Konjac Root and Xanthan

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