2 thoughts on “Glycerin Alternatives: No, you DON’T have to use Glycerin for improved moisture [UPDATED]

  1. I ran out of Vegemoist. I was so busy at work I forgot to order. By the way, I enjoyed the read. I was thinking, can I use extracts that may help with retaining moisture in the hair like Rhodiola? So can extracts help if I need to substitute?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I’ve found that extracts don’t usually give that pop of moisture like Beet sugar extract (vegemoist) or glycerin does. Even if the extract has a glycerin base, the percentage you use may not be high enough to replace what you’d normally use for a separate humectant in a formula. By the way, this is an old post. I should update it. Propanediol and Pentylene Glycol BIO are two other humectants you can use in place of glycerin. Propanediol can also be used with glycerin to make it less “sticky”.

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