Great tips for growing long healthy hair


Great tips from naptural85 about growing long and healthy hair

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One of Naptural85’s tips is to moisturize. In addition, I would suggest you use ingredients or products you can trust. If your hair does best with Extra virgin Olive Oil, don’t go broke trying to buy Jojoba oil or Cupuacu Butter which may or may not satisfy your needs.

With that said, as long as its in your budget, don’t be afraid to try to whip up your own concoctions. Naptural85 uses her own shea butter mix to moisturize her hair.

I make my own shea butter whip which includes some great extra ingredients like Tamanu oil and, yes, Cupuacu butter.

For added moisture and softness, I’m finding that Brazil Nut butter is great for sealing in moisture. Just spritz your hair with a little water (or any tea of your choice) and oil your hair like you normally would.

You can also use natural ingredients to help contribute to hair growth. Although there really isn’t a lot of evidence for it, Castor oil is said to help retain length. Using different teas could help to contribute to hair retention, which in turn contributes to length.

Teas like Parsley are said to help stop hair shedding while Hibiscus tea is said to help with shedding and with premature graying.

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