hibiscus tea

hibiscus tea

I made a hibiscus/castile shampoo yesterday and I had some hibiscus infusion (tea) left over. With it, I decided to create a detangler using the hibisucs as a base.

Hibiscus is an astringent tea which I normally use as part of a spritzer (along with glycerin) to retwist my hair between washings.

Like I said in an earlier post, I love the dark red color of hibiscus. It makes a great natural colorant for lotions, creams and conditioners. It also helps to make the hair naturally shiny.

Anyway, here is a super simple recipe I used. Feel free to tweak it, add what you want or substitute your fav tea:

Hibiscus Simple Superslip Detangler

1 cup Hibiscus infusion (tea)
1/2 tsp Neodefend (preservative)
1 TBSP Structure XL* (thickener;viscosity builder)
1/4 tsp Guar gum** (for super slip)

Create your hibiscus tea. It doesn’t matter if you continue while the tea is still hot or wait for it cool down. Everything is mixed as is.

Mix ingredients together. First start by adding your Neodefend to water. It is in powered form. Mix well.

Then add Structure XL. I only used 1 TBSP.
*If you want it thicker, add more Structure XL and heat while stirring. You can make it as thick or as thin as you want. I like mine pretty thin for quicker application throughout hair.

Add the Guar gum last and do it in tiny little shakes as you’re mixing.
**The amount of guar gum you’ve added will determine whether or not this will be a leave in conditioner or a rinse-out conditioner. Using too much Guar gum with no oil can leave white flakes in your hair when dry.

Pour finished product into your desired squirt or pump bottle.

curlytea hibiscus detangler02 finalB

(I put my detangler in a squirt bottle)

You can add Honey to your mix if you want a humectant. Some people may want to add glycerin to the mix. I have other stuff with glycerin in it, that’s why I skipped it for this homemade product.

If you’re using it as a leave in, you may even want to add about 1 or 2 TBSP of oil to this mix for good measure. I normally put my oil straight on my hair so that’s why its not in this recipe.

Apply to slightly damp or wet hair to feel the full effects. Detangle like you normally would (either with your fingers, a wide tooth comb, or brush). You should immediately feel the slip. That’s the Guar gum doing its thing.

Why these ingredients?

Hibiscus – I use hibiscus because it has a low pH, which helps to close the hair cuticle particularly after washing. I also like hibiscus because it is said to be great for dark hair; even helping with premature graying and hair shedding. It also falls under Ayurvedic herbs. Plus it has a gorgeous deep red color.

Structure XL – Structure XL is my little miracle. Ok, that’s taking it too far. LOL. Structure XL is an emulsion-fixer; a thickener (if used in enough quantity and heated); Slight conditioner. You can add Structure XL to improve the viscosity of whatever you’re putting it in.

Guar Gum – Guar is what gives this detangler its AMAZING slip. Guar gum works at room temperature and immediately to start to thicken anything you put it in. In my opinion, it is slippery-er (lol) than my flaxseed gel, or marshmallow root decoction. It also takes very VERY little to create that slip. You have to take care that you’re mixing it fully. A high shear (stick blender or hand mixer) will fully incorporate it into your mix.

curlytea hibiscus detangler01 cupB

(photo: me adding the Guar gum)

Neodefend – Neodefend is an ECOCERT approved preservative that slightly decreases the pH of what you put it in. I don’t use it for pH. I use it solely so I don’t have to refrigerate my mixes.

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