June 13, 2024

10 thoughts on “Guar Gum

    1. When I used to use guar gum, I used it as rinse out detangler. While experimenting with it in leave-in products, I noticed it would always leave flakes. So, I stopped using it completely in leave-in products where the percentage was substantial enough to cause issues. Later, I stopped using it completely for haircare products. If you want a gel-like thickener, I suggest trying out something like Sepimax Zen. I’ve almost completely moved away from Guar Gum. However, I haven’t found anything that provides as much “slip” as it does. There may be something else out there that gives a crap ton of slip, but I just haven’t found it yet.

  1. Hello,

    Just across this old post. I’m intrigued, why did you stop using guar gum in your hair products? I use it in everything I haven’t noticed any issues (yet!)

    1. The quality of guar gum (regular guar gum, not the cationic version) left my hair full of flakes at anything beyond a completely minute amount. I thought it was something else, but it turned out to be the guar gum so I stopped using guar completely because I didn’t want to risk it or worry about it ruining a great recipe.

      1. Thank you 🙂 I’m just seeing your response. I love it so don’t want to eliminate but your experience is very useful to know. I keep it at no more than 0.5% and it’s been so far fine for my hair but I always wondered if my products with guar gum are more likely to cause scalp build up although I never intentionally cream my scalp.

  2. Hello Curly Tea!
    I have been experimenting with guar gum and have a love hate relationship with it! It provides super slip and softness like I’ve never seen before but when my hair dries there is literally no moisture in my hair and feels super dry even with a boatload of other oils and butters. I added the guar at 1.24% straight into the cool down phase of my creation. Do you know if Guar Cat would do the same? I know it’s supposed to have added conditioning properties unlike regular guar. Or do you know of any other things I could sub the guar gum with?

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