Tested some whipped butter percentages yesterday. So far, they are looking quite good.

The Cupuacu butter(40%) / Castor oil(60%) mix was interesting.  Normally I add Cupuacu to shea butter. This is the first time I’ve whipped Cupuacu butter by itself with an oil.

It whipped up beautifully and melted quickly on the skin. It also remained noticeably stiff, which is what I was trying to accomplish.

Cupuacu is a stiffer butter than shea butter. Its part of the exotic breeds of butters which have made their way into the hands of natural heads around the world… including mine. 🙂

TIP:  Do test whips 1st when you are searching for a great formula for yourself.  Start with 1 oz testers. That’s what I do.  For 1 oz of stuff, at a 50%/50% breakdown, you can start with 1TBSP oil/1TBSP butter. Yes, that small.

Cupuacu also more expensive than shea butter.  It cost me about $20/lb when I bought it.

cupuacu curlytea

Photo: Cupuacu whipped up to almost twice its original size with just 2 minutes using a hand mixer

I wanted a whipped butter with a definite feel to it, so it would be easier for me to tell how much I’m using (prevents heavy handedness), BUT which also melts quite well on the hair… AND AND AND improve the elasticity of the hair.

A number of natural butters are also sealers (seal in the moisture on your hair), and Cupuacu is no different.

High quality shea is buttery and soft, but when I mix it with oils it becomes quite easy for me to be heavy handed with it. 


Then there’s the Cocoa Butter(50%) / Olive oil(50%) mix. I don’t know why in the world I never simply mixed these two by themselves before.

Not too much to say about this mix other than I will use it definitely to help moisturize. 🙂

I really like this simple mix. Cocoa butter helps with sealing in moisture and increasing the elasticity of the hair.

It feels hefty enough so as to not overuse it, but it glides quite well on the skin and hair. Not to mention it smells great.

It melts on contact. When your room is warm, it becomes buttery soft though, unlike the Cupuacu mix 🙂

  • What’s your fav whipped butter mix?

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